Welcome to the KWU Lunch and Learn Series

To help our Market Center bring great Family Reunion training back to your agents who weren't able to attend, KWU has developed the KWU Lunch and Learn series, a package of 27 short training classes based on the most popular Family Reunion sessions.

The package comes with everything your Market Center needs to host great new training classes in your offices this year. For any MC that purchases the package, all associates in the office will have access to the following via KWU:

  • Instructor and student manuals for all 27 sessions
  • An editable promotional flyer for any Lunch&Learn class
  • Audio recordings of the 27 sessions as taught at Family Reunion to help your MC trainers prepare (*Please note: audio files will be posted March 2015)

Here are the classes you'll be able to add to your Market Center's calendar

Topic Class Description
7th Level, Teams Solo Agent to Solo Plus First Assistant through 4th Level

You have been working alone, keeping busy, and now you are ready for extra help! Learn how to successfully bring on an assistant, grow your team, manage the transition, and watch your business flourish.

Business Planning / Strategies Budget Is Not a Four-Letter Word

Learn to love the MREA Budget Model and plan your way to a successful 2015!

Business Planning / Strategies Add Accountability to Your Day and Make Every Minute Count

Use the time-tested success models of the 1-3-5, the 4-1-1, and time blocking, and get control of your time today!

Business Planning / Strategies Sixty Minutes to a Million Dollar Plan

What's the secret to becoming a millionaire Real Estate Agent? Develop your own path to a million in sixty minutes by focusing on the same 20 percent activities as top agents.  - no audio avialable -

Buyers Win the Buyer Every Time

Perfect your buyer consultation with scripts and systems to win the buyer every time!

Database Cha-ching! Fatten Your Wallet with Your Database

Learn how easy it can be to feed and nurture a database that pays you back with leads and money in your wallet.

Database 8 x 8 + 33 Touch = Magic!

Pull customers out of your hat with touch programs that bring business almost magically. Manual or automatic—touch programs work. Do it and smile at the returns you get!

Financials - Agent Ensure Your Business Makes Money for You!

You work for your money, so make your money work for you by turning your real estate career into an agent business. Learn to manage your bank accounts, finances, budgets, and more!

Investors The Hidden Potential Working with Investors

Build a lucrative business for yourself and clients by learning the formulas and practices that the best investors use. Learn how to walk through the numbers and make the math of investing easy so you can position yourself as the go-to real estate investor agent!

Lead Conversion Turn Every Lead into Profit

Create value and relationships where most of your competitors fail. Learn powerful techniques for lead follow-up in your lead conversion process and never lose another lead.

Lead Conversion Questions That Lead to "Yes!"

Drive your lead generation and conversion with powerful questions that enable you to effectively understand your customers' motivations and fulfill their needs every time.

Lead Conversion Convert More by Knowing the Score

Make your lead generation pay off by converting more! Learn ways to gain more qualified appointments by tracking and improving your conversion techniques with scripts and practice.

Lead Generation The Secret to High Income

Get focused, get real, and get leads converted to appointments that generate massive business.

Lead Generation Help! I Am Camera Shy and Don't Know What to Say!

Learn how to overcome the two biggest obstacles for all real estate professionals adding video to their business. Hear about tips, tricks, and tools that can be your video “easy button.”

Mindset Your Personal Foundation for Success

See how the Six Personal Perspectives affect your mindset for excelling in this industry: getting on the path to mastery, being learning - based, removing limiting beliefs, staying accountable, moving from "E" to "P" and focusing on your 20 percent.

Negotiation Seal the Deal by Negotiating a Win

Offer and respond with confidence. Heighten the speed and skill with which you build win-win agreements.

Other Be Smart, Be Safe

Brought to you by Keller Williams University and the KW Young Professionals Current Events Committee. Your life is more important than a transaction. Learn simple techniques that ensure you are safe as you show homes, hold open houses, and meet for appointments.

Productivity Ten Habits of Highly Successful Agents

A place for everything and everything in its place. Free your mind and learn how to organize your life and business to increase productivity and profitability.

Productivity Thrive in Your First Year in the Business

Learn the important strategies to be successful out of the gate by surviving and thriving in your first year in the business.

Scripts for Sellers Never Be at a Loss for Words!

At a loss for words with your listing clients? Learn the scripts that deliver winning results when working with sellers.

Sellers Let Your Prelist Package Seal The Deal

Learn techniques that supercharge your conversion rates and increase your listing business with a prelist package and listing consultation that sell you!

Sellers Price to Sell

There's a sweet spot where a price is most powerful for the buyer, the seller, and you. Learn to price homes at what the market dictates, and learn techniques for seeking agreement on that price.

Sellers Attract and Appeal to More Buyers with Fabulous Staging!

Great staging showcases the property and brings in more buyers. Learn staging advice and the scripts that will convince your seller and win the listing consultation.

Sellers Missing Link—Market Your Listings to Sell

Are you sitting on listings that won't sell? Or do they get a lot of views, but no solid offers? Learn the steps that you can take to market your listings so they end up "sold" and not "expired."

Systems Efficient Systems from Contract to Close

Keep your transaction from falling apart. Take the proactive road to move the deal from contract to close without a hitch with proven, efficient systems.

Technology Brand Your Mobile App!

Learn how to make the most of the KW mobile app by applying the techniques that will create a unique experience for your buyer. 

Training Learn the Ropes of Training

So you think you can train? Being an expert in the field does not make you a great trainer; however, you can learn the ropes of training and perfect your skills.